Behind the Curve

Life continues to tumble mostly at random and I’m only now beginning to think about direction again. Hopefully, this will make up for lost time a little.


About to finish up the next song but this one still needs its day in the sun so here it is.

Let me know if you like this one. It’s a little different still but I really like it.

The Music Biz

The process of creating and producing “Recaptured” has been educational and, as expected, I have learned a lot.

The thing I hadn’t even remotely anticipated, though, is how others find the undertaking inspirational, in addition to liking the music itself.

I don’t recall ever having felt as honored as I have by these intelligent and creative friends telling me how they felt after I released the CD.

In fact, the key to having done it is that I never for a moment seriously considered that I couldn’t. As one of my friends pointed out, the technology has finally caught up with us and I’ve seen that for awhile now. I just had to find the right motivation to get the ball rolling and away we go.

I only hope some of the songs themselves are as inspirational as the accomplishment has turned out to be.

In any case, from writing that first song to registering the final recording with BMI, including performance, recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design, electronic distribution, copyright registration, obtaining physical duplication for a finished product, promotion, and synchronization licensing, I’ve pretty much done it all now. I’ll start work on a new album after the first of the year for my own part and I hope that I will perhaps be able to help others with their projects in the future.

If you’re in New Orleans and you’d like to get coffee and find out something about what I’ve learned, let me know. I’d like to see a healthy recording industry here in New Orleans again and if I can have something to do with that, it would make me very happy indeed.

Here’s to an even better 2012!

Oh, and you can download the album or buy a CD at CD Baby!

Recaptured Released

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything at all here and I know all the spambots hate that but there’s something of note that I have to say now and I want it here.

I made a CD.

That’s right.

I took all the 19 songs I finished recording in 2011 and placed an order with a manufacturing company to duplicate them.
They’ll also be distributing the package electronically, hopefully very broadly.


If you know me and if you want a CD, get in touch and we’ll have coffee and I’ll bring one along.

Otherwise, feel free to order a CD or download here:

Thank you for your support.

And, your authentic comments are welcome.

As always, spambots need not apply.

Minor revisions.

Started reorganizing the music work on the external drive yesterday and made a couple of minor revisions to the mixes in a couple of songs. I’ve got one or two more that I’ve done some work on and then I think I’ll call the collection an “album” and start another collection. Undecided about this album title. Working title was originally “Better Than It Sounds” but that has kind of been taken over by events. I’ll post here once I’ve concluded and decided.

I’ve really enjoyed this process more than I anticipated and I’m grateful for the interest and support my friends and others have shown. I would likely do this even if no one else liked any of it, but it really makes my day when someone says they did.

Anyway, check these two out and please visit the Bandcamp site at where you can listen to and download all the songs.