Minor revisions.

Started reorganizing the music work on the external drive yesterday and made a couple of minor revisions to the mixes in a couple of songs. I’ve got one or two more that I’ve done some work on and then I think I’ll call the collection an “album” and start another collection. Undecided about this album title. Working title was originally “Better Than It Sounds” but that has kind of been taken over by events. I’ll post here once I’ve concluded and decided.

I’ve really enjoyed this process more than I anticipated and I’m grateful for the interest and support my friends and others have shown. I would likely do this even if no one else liked any of it, but it really makes my day when someone says they did.

Anyway, check these two out and please visit the Bandcamp site at http://somemetryguy.bandcamp.com where you can listen to and download all the songs.

Vote the Crime Out 2012

The political brinkmanship that’s going on in Washington D.C. at the moment is more than infuriating. It motivated me to go ahead and revise that old song of mine the way a friend has suggested: to give it a national character instead of the Louisiana-only lyrics of the original composition.

It’s pretty country-fried but I really like it and had a great time doing it. I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to listen to it.

The thing is, you get the government you demand and therefore the government you deserve. If you’re not happy about what’s going on, with politicians playing political games with the nation’s economic strength and such remaining prosperity as we still enjoy in this country, don’t just accept it. Insist that they do the right thing and get informed about the issues yourself so you know what the right thing is.

Elected officials will come along and sell you political solutions like a brand of laundry detergent and if all you do is buy what they’re selling, we’re going to stay stuck where we are in this insane status quo of mismanaged entitlement programs and reactionary anti-government rhetoric.

We can easily have enough money to do more good and still have savings to work on long-term debt issues if we do it smarter, but it’s about adjusting both programs and taxes, not slashing either/or like they want you to believe.

We were doing it correctly just a decade ago, frankly, until someone realized they could buy votes with the savings…

Each one, worse than the one before.

There are millions of elderly persons who are literally completely dependent upon their Social Security checks.
If you aren’t going to cut those checks because the country is broke, Obama, you better stop taking Social Security taxes out of my check because I’ll have to make up for the government’s failure by taking care of those people personally and directly.

Of course, if this is merely political gamesmanship, it is the basest sort of political fearmongering possible.


This is an old song that has been significantly revised and I’ve spent a couple of weeks working on the rewrite.

I think it came out rather nicely.